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Cane Creek Falls

Only open to the public at certain points in the year, because the falls sit inside private property just outside the (very charming college) town Dahlonega, Ga.. The hike is nonexistent, just a few steps from the parking lot, but the falls are majestic and worth seeing if in the area.


Through most of the summer the falls are part of a summer camp. Imagine the fun the kids have swimming and playing around there.

Graveyard Fields, NC

Wonderful little section of the Blue Ridge Parkway southwest of Asheville. The forest was destroyed by a 1920s fire, leaving behind a valley of grasses and a sandy soil that felt like it belonged west of the Mississippi. The name comes from the stumps left behind, but the nature and views are anything but dead. This is a unique piece of western North Carolina that needs to be experienced.

There is a winding stream cutting through the valley, and falls on either side, the upper one offering a spectacular view from the top.


The upper falls. Note the person on the rocks below for scale…


The lower falls…