I spent a lot of years watching this man chase windmills, and to his credit he found them. He has real charisma and an infectious belief in himself that has proven justified. He has saved not one but two basket case auto companies in Fiat and Chrysler. They still aren’t out of the woods yet, but whatever happens to them isn’t Sergio’s legacy. His legacy is that they lasted this long.

I’ve made a lot of jokes at his expense over the years. Watching him in action it’s hard not to. But this is a legend of a person. Get well Sergio. The world’s a better place with you in it.


THE question of who would replace Sergio Marchionne has been in the air for a year or more, ever since the boss of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced that he would step down in 2019. But the way the answer came was both shocking and sad. Complications after a routine operation around three weeks ago…

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Cane Creek Falls

Only open to the public at certain points in the year, because the falls sit inside private property just outside the (very charming college) town Dahlonega, Ga.. The hike is nonexistent, just a few steps from the parking lot, but the falls are majestic and worth seeing if in the area.


Through most of the summer the falls are part of a summer camp. Imagine the fun the kids have swimming and playing around there.

Foo Fighters

Georgia State Stadium, April 28.

Hellova show.



All My Life

Learn to Fly

The Pretender

The Sky Is a Neighborhood


Sunday Rain

My Hero

These Days



Band intro covers

Under Pressure (cover)

Monkey Wrench

Dirty Water

This Is A Call

Big Me

Best of You

Times Like These

Young Man Blues (cover)