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Western Ireland: Ashford Castle and Cong

Cong is Gaelic, roughly translated to “narrow land.” It’s nestled between two massive lakes that are the gateway to Connemara, north of Galway. Ashford Castle, built in the 1200s by a Norman Lord, is just south of town, where the Cong River empties into the southern lake. It’s grounds are exquisite, and it is where the 1951 John Wayne movie The Quiet Man was filmed.

Cong has a river and the ruins of an Abbey where Rory O’Connor, the last high king of Ireland before the Norman invasion, went to live out his years.

Red Top Mountain

Beautiful 70 degree January day in Georgia. Great opportunity to get out. This is a lovely 5.5 mile hike around Red Top Mountain looking down at Allatoona Lake and the Etowah River. Highly enjoyable, though we weren’t the only ones with the idea so the trail (and the car park) were rather crowded.

If your imagination is good enough, you could almost talk yourself into believing this rocky shoreline was the wonderful Maine coast and not north Georgia. Of course this was also a lot closer.